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Kotak Assured Savings Plan Key Advantages Guaranteed Maturity Benefit payable at maturity Basic Sum Assured PLUS Accrued Guaranteed Yearly Additions PLUS Guaranteed Loyalty Addition Increasing life cover Guaranteed Yearly Additions added every time premium is paid payable at maturity or earlier death Longer the premium commitment higher the benefits Guaranteed Yearly Additions and Guaranteed Loyalty Addition increases with increase in premium payment term More value for money through high premium benefit resulting into higher Basic Sum Assured Option to enhance Protection through a wide range of Riders Tax benefit on premiums paid under section 80 C and benefit received under section 10 10D Illustration Age 30 Years Policy Term 20 Years Premium Term 10 Years Premium Amount 1 Lakh Total Investment 10 Lakh Tax Benefit under Sec 80 at 30 percent is 3 Lakh Effective Investment is 7 Lakh Guaranteed Maturity Amount Tax Free Under Sec 10 10D is 20 Lakh 63 thousand
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